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Mo's Bars      Angeles City, Philippines
Welcome to mosbars.com.
There are bars in Angeles
City, Philippines and there
are bars in Angeles City.
In fact, there are about 70
of them. But Mo's bars stand
out as 3 of the best. Our little site will introduce
you to all of Mo's Bars. You'll have the chance to meet some of our employees, keep abreast of coming events and shop for gifts for your favorite Angeles City staff.  Mo's bars are consistently rated in the top 5 bars of Angeles City, Philippines by members of go2phil.com and angeles2.com. Take a look at our site to get an idea why. Better yet, pay us a visit when you're in town and you'll know why.
Mo's Bars are affiliated with the Kokomo's Group. Kokomo's houses Angels City's most popular 24 hour restaurant, tourist and local gathering place and a new 10 room hotel and swimming pool. You can book transportation and make hotel reservations at www.kokomoz.com/hotel.html
THE CUSTOMER ALWAYS COMES FIRST: It's called ATTITUDE.   And our staff have the best attitude - anyplace. Some businesses pay lip service to that phrase, but at Mo's Bars we take it seriously. From our management to our waitresses, bartenders, hostesses and dancers - we care about you.
It's called ATTENTION TO DETAILS. Things like air conditioning that works, clean ashtrays, staff that smile, toilets maintained - it's the small stuff that make the difference between a good bar and a great bar. We sweat the small stuff.
WE ARE COZY: Another thing our bars have in common is that they are cozy. If you want big and glitzy, you'll have to go someplace else. We believe you come to Mo's Bars to meet our great staff, enjoy our hospitality and have fun. You're not there to be awed by our huge space and expensive decorations. When  you meet someone you want to talk to, well, the seats are cozy and comfortable. The lights are just right, the music at the right level (AND WE PLAY THE SONGS YOU LIKE) and the air conditioning down right cool. The rest is up to you.
MUSIC: We play a wide variety of music, but we play the music YOU like. Want 60s?, want rock and roll?, want jazz?, want C&W? want Sinatra?. Just ask. We have a library of 8,000 songs and our DJs are happy to play what you want to hear.
FOOD: Through our association with Kokomo's, we have food available for delivery. No need to leave if you're hungry. Pizza, Lumpia (spring rolls), quesadillas, chicken fingers, burgers, whatever you want, you can have in just a few minutes.
SOB: Mo's Bars are part of the Sons of Bacchus. What is the SOB? It's a group of 10 bars that get together to throw an afternoon party every Thursday from 5 to 7. The venue rotates through all the SOB bars. You can find out more at the SOB website.
GO2PHIL MEMBER CLUB: Mo's Bars are proud to be members of the Go2Phil.com Members Benefit Program. Just present your G2P membership card and you'll receive a substantial discount on customer and ladies drinks.
HOW ARE WE DIFFERENT?: Our site will tell you a little, about Angeles City's best clubs, but to really know about Mo's Bars, you'll have to pay us a visit. Our bars are different and, but what is the same is WE CARE ABOUT YOU!
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