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Mo's Bars      Angeles City, Philippines
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Angelwitch is the newest addition to Mo's Bars. Located in almost the exact center of Field Ave. Formerly Private Dancer and Illusions, Angelwitch is continuing in that fine tradition of friendly and fun staff. In just a few short weeks, we've added nearly 40 dancers to the staff. You'll see some of the most energetic dancers in Angeles City. They have developed several exciting routines and love 'showing off'.

Angelwitch has 2 happy hours which are one of the most outstanding values in Angeles City. Our first session is from 2 till 7 and offers great prices on all drinks - Local and Imported and the second is for the late night partiers from 3 AM till 5 AM. There are reduced priced local, imported AND LADIES DRINKS. At the late happy hour we serve a wide variety of free bar snacks.

Stop in and say hi to Scott or Allan or Mommy Luisa, Mae, Thess, or Melody.